Why block is best

Peace is priceless, you know?

I’m not writing this as if it’s a mind-blowing revelation, or as if I’ve become the social media/life/relationship oracle on this poorly maintained little blog. No, I’m writing it because it’s something I’ve known for years, but something I’ve found it much harder to put into practice when it’s my own life. Giving recommendations – fine. Bringing an outside perspective to the table – great. Following my own advice? Nigh on impossible.

I’m in a truly happy place currently, but I’ve identified that the times when I’m a little lower and doubtful are often down to things I’ve seen on social media which have thrown me off balance. We’re all partial to a little sneak peek into other people’s lives – people we haven’t ever met, and probably never will, or even people from our past who have hurt us. People who have nothing to do with the present but a lot to do with our past and the past of those we know and love.

The more available social media is to us, the more present these ghosts of the past become, and the more they threaten to ruin a wonderful thing right now. I became sick of getting stuck in the cycle of comparing myself to women who don’t matter. She looks prettier, thinner, more petite, has whiter teeth and much nicer hair. Judging by her clothes she probably earns more than I do, too (or at least has more credit card debt). She’s happy, sociable, popular.

She’s also presenting the highlight reel of her life, because why would she post about heartbreak or illness or a shitty day at work?

But the problem with social media is that what you see is what you get. All I have is face value when looking at a profile of someone I hope to never run in to. So, I took a step back and realised nothing would change the way I felt unless I actively changed something myself. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a sign of madness, after all.

For me, I just hit block. Block and block and block. Job done. You can’t see me, but more importantly I can’t see you. Maybe this sounds an extreme measure to go to, but for me it’s just the thing I needed to restore the calm and keep my head in check.

Block button, you’re my bestie.

C x


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