Dear 2016: Hello 2017!

Dear 2016,

Everyone’s been trash talking you, and for good reason I suppose. But I have to admit, all those ‘2016 can do one’ memes, posts and Tweets did annoy me a little by the end. It’s something we’re going to have to get used to, as our heroes age, freak accidents carry on happening, and senseless attacks on innocent people continue to become the horrifying norm- we’ll have to steel ourselves.

I started my career in 2016, which involved pretty grown up things like starting to pay off my student loan and paying money into my pension. I started earning above minimum wage (good) and started paying London rent (bad). I was also approved for a credit card (good), and they’ve recently raised my credit limit (bad).

I also resigned from my first job, and began a new one in a slightly different field. I dread to think how miserable I’d be if that opportunity hadn’t presented itself, and I’m glad I discovered what some of my values are when it comes to work. I have a much better idea of what motivates me and what pisses me off. I’ve learnt about office politics, and the importance of keeping work and personal life separate to a certain degree.

Moving to London for work has enabled a lot of things which otherwise would never have happened. Just living and working in the city opens a lot of doors, and I love North London, and that I know my way around (kind of). No one can know what the future holds, but I have no intention of moving anywhere else any time soon.

2016, you were also a cracker on the romance front, and I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. You brought me someone out of the blue and out of the depths of the abyss that is app dating, and I guess I fell a bit too hard, much too quickly, and then it all fell apart. Well, it didn’t fall so much as fade. You know how it is- when conversations are too awkward to have, or when feelings change, sometimes men (and women, I’m sure) just let it fade in the most cowardly way possible. That one stung. Fortunately, there often comes a point, even months after parting ways, where someone shows their true colours, and it makes you realise that maybe you did have a lucky escape after all.

You also brought me a married man. That was fun (note sarcastic tone). Don’t worry, I confronted him about it in the end. Yeah, he didn’t tell me- I found out. If you’re still creeping on my blog- hi Daniel (insert waving emoji). Sadly, he wasn’t the only dickhead with whom I crossed paths, but I digress.

Fortunately, you also taught me that there are some good men out there. Kind men, which is something I think I needed to rediscover. The only problem was that it just wasn’t right with those kind ones, and twice I had to let go of budding relationships (if you can call them that) because they just weren’t right. Once that little niggle is in the back of my mind, that niggle that something’s missing, I can’t shake it. That’s why I speak up when there’s a problem, in any and all areas of my life, because I can’t move on if I try to ignore how I feel, and I have too much courage and respect to just allow things to fizzle. Yes, I’m still as stubborn as I was in 2015, and as much as I will be in 2017.

Anyway, it’s now 2nd January 2o17 (hence the reflective post). 2016, I don’t regret any part of you, but my god did you hurt me at times.

Here’s to 2017, and a little less drama.

C x


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