Treat yo’self at the Aveda Institute 

I have been an Aveda devotee for the best part of a decade now. From my first half head of blonde highlights to the trying out the richest shade of dark mahogany, I’ve never tried a different brand when it comes to dyeing my hair.

I should also say that I had only ever been to one salon in Farnham to get my hair dyed, too. However, living in London now means that it’s not as easy to go and get my hair makeover done as it was once. This is how I came across the Aveda Institute!

A stone’s throw from Holborn and Covent Garden, this is much more than just a hair salon. I arrived early and settled in for a bite to eat in the salon’s cafe before my appointment (you can actually order while you’re having your hair cut and have food brought to you!)


The menu might look familiar to you if you’ve visited Le Pain Quotidien before (the one in Covent Garden is always packed), and I chose green tea and a Tartine. Tartines are open faced sandwiches on organic bread, and I chose avocado with feta for mine.

The whole vibe of the institute is completely relaxed, and I felt this way for the entire time I spent there.

But, green tea and tartine aside, it was time for the real reason I went to the institute…my hair! It had been a couple of months since I last dyed it, and as I always get semi-permanent colour, it had faded quite a bit.

So, the dodgy mirror selfie above doesn’t really look all that different to the after photo below, but I loved the new colour done by Katie, and the blow dry by Ben. I really, really loved that it only costs £15 for an after-colour blow dry too.

You should get a better idea of the colour below:

So, I had a brilliant time at my first visit to the Aveda Institute, and would highly recommend it if you’re looking for colour which is kind to you hair in an environment which is relaxing for your mind.

I think that’s about as good as it gets.

Charlotte x


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