Pit stop: Said dal 1923

I haven’t been in the city all that long, so when it comes to new places to try, I always listen to what my friends and colleagues have to say. Fortunately, this led me to heading to Said in Soho with my friend Ash, who worships the area for all its sartorial wonders.

He promised it would be cute, and it was.

Its full name is actually Said Dal 1923, but everyone knows it as Said. It has such a cult following that it’s not unusual to see queues out of the door on the weekends. Said hails from Italy originally, where it has another branch known for being the oldest chocolate factory in Rome.

I don’t think the photos really do this place justice, as you can’t quite get a feel for the rustic furniture, milk can stools and elegant, neutral colour scheme. It’s also a bit of a step back in time.


I’d recommend their selection of paninis if you’re feeling peckish, but most people come here for the hot chocolate. You’ll see why in a sec.

 This was one of this summer’s ridiculously hot days, and I also happened to be wearing a cream dress, so I didn’t really fancy the potential stain disaster of the hot chocolate. Although, in hindsight, I probably could have coped…

LOOK AT IT. Glorious, isn’t it?

 But, as always, I’m a slave to a good cup of green or mint tea, and old habits really do die hard.

Pop to Said for a pit stop with a bit of Italian flair. You’ll love it.

C x


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