Lunch break: The Quince Tree, Clifton Nurseries

I spend so long trying to find unique little places in London that I thought it was about time to share some of the wonders I’ve come across since I moved into the city.

Yep, they’re mostly food-based. A girl’s gotta eat, after all. While the majority of my discoveries are for long weekend brunches, every now and then I stumble across a great place for lunch close to where I work- Paddington.

You can imagine my delight when one of my colleagues recommended The Quince Tree to me. A 10 minute walk from the towering office blocks which surround us during the working day is this beautiful little oasis of calm. Have a look for yourself…

I think charming is probably the right word for this place, which is apparently the oldest garden centre in London. Vogue even named it ‘the most charming restaurant with a cafe’. High praise indeed.

The restaurant/cafe itself is in a little conservatory, and it’s hard not to fall in love as soon as you set foot into it.

Your Instagram will love it.

In terms of food and drink, The Quince Tree doesn’t have the broadest selection ever, but it does have a few British staples, so if you have specific dietary requirements you may want to ring ahead. The two times I’ve been here I’ve had a full English and fish & chips, and I’ve stolen the photo below from my friend (thanks Natalia!) where you can see both.

Oh, and they do a killer Pimm’s.

Is it just me or are you feeling especially British right now?

Charlotte x


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