Life update: The Brezel Diaries moves to London!

So, my cunning plan to blog at least once a week while working full-time seems not to have worked as well as I hoped. Hence the unintentional radio silence on my end. Sorry about that.

I’ve more or less been keeping up with daily Instagram posts, but as far as written content goes, I haven’t been doing so well. So, I wanted to seize the opportunity over this long weekend to tell you a little bit about the last few months.

Work has been good. Busy, but good. Although I still feel like I’m finding my feet, I’ve formed some lovely friendships with some of my colleagues, and I’m just about starting to find some kind of work/life balance.

I’ve managed to get to a place where I feel a lot more ‘at peace’ with things and people in my life, which probably sounds a lot more dramatic than it really is. However, there’s something incredibly liberating about recognising someone for who they really are, knowing that your life is better without them in it, and feeling nothing but a sense of freedom when taking steps to separate yourself from that negativity.

Along with this new-found feeling of calm comes perhaps the biggest change in my life in recent weeks, which is the fact that I am now a Londoner! Yes indeed. After 5 months or so of commuting from Hampshire, I finally found a place in North London, and I still can’t get over the fact that my total travel time to and from work these days takes less time than just one way on my former commute.

The flat is lovely, and I’ve landed on my feet with brilliant housemates.

So, now begins the next chapter in my life, and in The Brezel Diaries too. Let’s just hope I get the hang of this work/life balance thing…

Charlotte x


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