2015’s Greatest Hits

Now we’re fast approaching the end of the year, it’s time to crack open the Glühwein and reflect a little on the last twelve months.

And what a bizarre 12 months they’ve been.

However, in the spirit of positivity and good will to all men, women, children and animals etc etc etc, I wanted to put together a list of the 15 highlights of 2015.

Because if you don’t end the year on a high note, what else are you supposed to end it on?

1. I had the opportunity to watch a good few ice hockey matches this year


2. These beautiful shoes came into my life…

Say hello to the gorgeous Louboutin Corneille:

3. I made an Easter visit to see some of my favourite people in my favourite city. (It’s Hamburg, in case you didn’t know. I don’t mention it much.)


4. I voted for the first time ever.

election ready.png

5. I had a craic-ing time in Dublin, but I still can’t stomach The Black Stuff

6. I was able to discover some of beautiful Belgrade and meet some lovely ladies in the process

7. I graduated after a long 4 years (and wore the Louboutins for the occasion)

8. I was able to visit gorgeous Northern Ireland with my extended family on my Dad’s side. Given my Irish heritage and the fact we haven’t done a big family holiday in years, this was a very special week.

But bloody hell did it rain.

9. I discovered Hotter shoes properly, which led to a marked decrease in the foot pain I experienced every day up until this summer, and also a relationship with the brand for which I am really grateful.


10. I discovered my love for creative cake making… (ah, to be unemployed with so much time on my hands)

11. Although I should have been moving to Berlin in October (hence the somewhat premature Berlin bear cake above), and I was absolutely devastated when that job fell through, I look back on it now as something of a lucky escape. Although my heart is very much in Germany, it was definitely not in that job. Everything happens for a reason, and maybe some things fall apart so that better things can come together.


12. I got an internship in London doing something which I actually enjoy (most of the time!), which pushes me, and with people who really make every day fun.




14. I went to my first bloggers’ meet up, organised by the lovely Pippa. I was a bit apprehensive, having only chatted to Pippa first (and only on Twitter at that!) but I had such a lovely evening at #bloggerschristmas burger and met some gorgeously funny, charming ladies.



15. I’m happy. What more could I ask for?

Much, much happier than I look here

Some of the last 365 days really have been merry and bright.

Charlotte x



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