The Perfect Camera Evening Bag

In the festive season, I’m always looking to take more photos. Whether it’s photos of twinkling lights on a Christmas tree, glittery outfits or my nearest and dearest, my penchant for photography has only increased since I got my beautiful Olympus Pen E-PL7 for my birthday in October.

But with a great camera comes great responsibility, and by this, I of course mean the responsibility of not dropping and smashing it. I already have a little protective case for it, but the real challenge is finding a clutch/evening bag which can still fit my camera, protective case and all.

After endless Googling, I finally came across this little bag in the sale rack at my local House of Fraser. So, please welcome this Nine West beauty:


Even when I put my camera in it, it takes up less than half of the inside of the bag, leaving plenty of room for my phone, keys and a lipstick or two. What’s more, it has a zipped pocket on the inside for keeping your valuables secure.


Unfortunately I can’t find the bag online, but I was very lucky to find it in store when I did. I came across a lot of beautiful bags which would have been great for holding my camera, but I was specifically looking for a little black number with silver hardware. Does anyone else find that most black bags seem to have gold components rather than silver? Drives me mad as someone who rarely ever wears gold. First world problems and all that.

The other thing about this Nine West Style is that it is, in my opinion, a good dupe for the Chanel Boy bag.


Yes, the Nine West version doesn’t have any quilting, but you just need to look at the shape, trim and silver plate to see the similarities. Given that my bag cost around £50 pre-sale (I paid somewhere in the region of £35), it’s a great alternative to a much more expensive style.

Some closer research into Nine West’s bag collection showed a few other similarities in their designs to some much more expensive designer items. One of my favourites is this bag which is available from House of Fraser:


This design combines two of Chloe’s signatures, the saddle-bag shape and the ring and chain closure as seen below, to create this £65 bag above. Not too shabby.

chloefaye bag
The Chloe Faye
chloe drew bag
The Chloe Drew

So, next time you’re looking for a new bag with both style and substance, I’d urge you to give Nine West a try, although they are arguably more famous for their shoes than their arm candy.

You might just be pleasantly surprised. I was.

How do you solve your camera bag conundrums?

Charlotte x


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