Things that happen when your Birthday is on Halloween

Yep, my birthday is indeed on Halloween, and God only knows what it would be like if I hated the day and all it stands for. Fortunately, I’m quite fond of orange and black, and I wanted to list a few things which happen pretty much every year when your birthday is on Halloween:

1. You get annoyed when Christmas decorations are in the shops before Halloween decorations.

2. People find it odd that you start getting into the Halloween spirit as soon as October starts, and they love to remind you how early in the month it is.

3. Having to explain that you can’t help your enthusiasm for Halloween. It’s not your fault you were born on that particular day.

4. People genuinely say, ‘Oh that’s cool, so your birthday’s on Halloween every year?’

5. Yes, it’s every year, and you always have a theme! After all, who doesn’t like pumpkins?

6. But on the other side, you always have a theme, ie no choice. Want a Princess Party? Better throw in some fake blood and/or fangs for good measure.

7. Having always had a themed birthday means you take themes seriously and get a little annoyed when people half-commit to it. LET’S GO ALL OUT, PEOPLE

8. It also means having a hefty selection of Halloween decorations at the ready. Need pumpkin fairy lights? Ask a Halloween baby.

9. People have Halloween plans months in advance and don’t care that it’s not just Halloween, but also your birthday…

10. You feel your family members’ resentment growing each year when they turn down other Halloween plans

11. Speaking of which, if people do come to your party, they are often there for the dressing up Halloween part, not the birthday part

12. People get annoyed when you want a traditional Halloween party

13. People get annoyed when you don’t want a traditional Halloween party

14. As the Halloween child there’s endless pressure to up your costume game…

15. …and then people shoot down your outfit ideas ASAP

16. Forget the costumes for a second though, Halloween-themed birthday cakes are the best. The creepier, the better.

17. You wish year after year that Candy Corn were easily available in the UK so you could make all the American Halloween desserts on Pinterest.

18. Speaking of which, you pin Halloween things on Pinterest all. year. round.

19. No one appreciates how long it took you to put together the perfect Halloween playlist. Apparently the Monster Mash doesn’t do it for some people.

20. You hope that the party is good enough so you won’t need to bring out your Halloween-themed party games.

21. There’s the inevitable last minute panic-drive to go and get more decorations because the house isn’t Halloweeny enough

22. You wonder what to do with yourself as of 1st November

What else would you add?

Charlotte x

PS- you can never have enough Sharon Needles


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