ASOS loves Halloween

That’s a fact, it’s a thing we can’t deny, like that fact that I will love Halloween (and ASOS) til I die.

I digress.

October always means a few things, two of which being Halloween and my birthday, which happen to fall on the same day. Due to this, I’ve always loved anything and everything orange, black and/or pumpkin related, and I love seeing how brands bring out the big broomstick-shaped guns for the eeriest time of the year.

ASOS have outdone themselves on this occasion. This dedicated section of the website has so many Halloween-themed bits and bibbidi bobbidi boos that you’ll be spoilt for choice. I picked out the following items, and absolutely LOVE them.

Here’s my spooktacular haul (I’m not even sorry):

Halloween shoes are new to me, but I loved the style and design of these flats.

ASOS LIVID Halloween Nightmare Pointed Ballet Slippers, £25

I wasn’t sure about pointed flats to start with, as I already have size 8 feet and didn’t want to walk around looking like I was wearing giant clown shoes. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t look massive, but actually quite chic. These run true to size but are a touch narrow for me, although with a bit more wear I think they’ll give a little.

I’m not sure I’d wear the combination below, but never say never…

ASOS LEGACY Halloween Cobweb Slippers, £25

These slipper-style shoes look elegant, too, and I love how the cobwebs are mirrored. They run true to size as well.

I’ve never had velvet shoes before, but I think I may well be converted.

Excuse the shockingly pale legs and cobweb-like scar below. Appropriate though, really.

ASOS Halloween 3D Pumpkin Ankle Socks, £3

So, onto the socks. I don’t even know where to begin. These are just amazing.

ASOS Halloween Pug Socks, £3

Vampire Pug socks. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. And yes, I will be wearing these all year round.

ASOS Halloween Dinosaur Skeleton Ankle Socks, £3

A little more subtle, but Ross from Friends would be proud.

Go on, trick or treat yo’self

Charlotte x


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