Audacious, moi? NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte

I’m quite easy to please. It’s the little things which make me smile the most, like beautiful flowers, the kindness of strangers and…finding a lipstick with which I share my name. To some of you, this will strike a chord, others may think it’s bizarre to say the least.

I was looking for a dark shade anyway when I stumbled across the Audacious Lipstick range by NARS. Having tried and loved NARS’ Audacious mascara a few weeks ago, I had a browse through the different shades and clicked on a lovely dark red, ‘Oxblood Burgundy’ to be precise, which turned out to be called Charlotte. Coincidence? I think not.

Oh, and this is prime time for a little shout out to one of my oldest friends, also called Charlotte, who has and loves this lipstick, too. ๐Ÿ˜Š

On the prowl for a matching lip liner (if possible, I always wear lip liner with lipstick- it gives longer staying power and a much better finish), I chose another NARS product, this time the Velvet Lip Liner in Belle Mare. I ordered both the lipstick and the liner through Space.NK as I had some points and a voucher to redeem through their N.dulge rewards card.

Aaaaand a few days later, they arrived!

One thing I absolutely love about the packaging/design of this lipstick is the magnetic closure of the lid, which promises no slipping off in my makeup bag (hopefully!).

As for the colour itself, it didn’t disappoint.

I really like the attention to detail with the embossed NARS logo on the lipstick itself:

Now, the matching lip liner. Well, almost matching. It’s exactly as you’d expect in terms of appearance, with the classic matte black design.

A great feature of the lip liner is that it’s not an actual pencil. Gone are the days of sharpening your lip liner or eye liner only for it to snap off in the pencil sharpener (we’ve all been there…). With the Velvet Lip Liner, you simply twist the base of the pencil to bring up more of the colour. Here’s what Belle Mare looks like on my skin:

It’s not an exact match for Charlotte, but it’s close enough, and they look fab together.

And in the flesh:

There’s one thing which is really important with dark shades such as this, and that’s making sure that your lips are well hydrated and smooth, which mine weren’t on this occasion unfortunately. (I feel like I lose my lip balm every other day.) This is important because the lipstick tends to highlight drier areas of the lip upon application.

So, this isn’t my finest artistry when it comes to lip colour, but here it is:

It’s the perfect Autumn/Winter shade. One thing I did notice is that Charlotte looks different under changing light conditions, so that’s something to bear in mind. Nevertheless, I think the description of the colour as ‘Oxblood Burgundy’ is accurate enough.

Before applying this colour I had a different, bright orange lipstick on, so simple eyes were in order. Below I’ve only used NARS Audacious mascara, MAC eye shadow in Vanilla and MAC brow pencil in Lingering.

For a night out I would absolutely do a slightly smokier eye, but leave the focus on the lips.

I hope you love Charlotte as much as I do! (Not just for the name, promise…)

Charlotte x


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