Are you a #narsissist?

Well, are you?

NARS seemed to think that I am, having sent me a private message on Instagram asking for my name and address so that they could send me a little something for being a dedicated #narsissist! This little surprise made my day, and I was really grateful (and excited!) to see what would appear on my doorstep.

Sure enough, a few days after I replied to the message, a little FedEx package arrived!

Aaaand inside were two goodies and a lovely note:

Being a ‘loyal and unabashed #narsissist’ is pretty simple when you can declare your love for the brand on the back of your iPhone, too. The phone case fits my iPhone 6 and is the same silky, matte black as all of their cosmetics.

The other treat was this lip gloss! I very rarely buy glosses for myself, and when I do I tend not to stray too far from red or pink shades. So, this very light, almost pearl-coloured lip gloss is quite a departure from what I’m used to.

The shade is called Guyane and looks best when not applied too thickly across the lips. A thin layer teamed with a heavier eye makes for a really elegant, understated look.

Thank you so much NARS for such a lovely treat. I’m so grateful and can’t wait to see how my love affair with you develops.

Charlotte x


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