How To: Messy, Romantic Low Chignon

Pinterest is both a wonderful and a dangerous thing. Wonderful because you can find just about anything on it and unleash your creative spirit; dangerous because all of the beautiful things which it presents can be so much more difficult to achieve than you might think. I mean, it can really be disastrous, not to mention disheartening.

I love pinning hairstyles, and find chignons so elegant that I really wanted to give it a try for myself. What resulted was a messy, low chignon with backcombing at the crown and a side parting at the front. I did it myself and it took perhaps 10-15 minutes.

So, here we go!

You will need:


Hair grips in a colour of your choice/matching your hair


Comb/brush for backcombing

Curler/straightener to tame or shape any loose strands of hair around the face



1. Begin with dry hair, ideally with some kind of texture or curl to it. I used my ghd Air hairdryer and a medium round barrel brush to blow-dry my hair smooth with loose curls and waves through the ends.

2. Take a large section (perhaps 7-8 inches wide, 5 inches deep) of hair at the crown of the head and backcomb it, beginning with horizontal sections towards the nape of the neck working forward towards the forehead. I used a normal brush for this rather than a comb to give overall volume. Then smooth over on the surface with the brush. 

Baggy uni jumper, optional.

3. Secure the backcombed section on the back of the head with one pin on each side.  4. Gather the hair at the nape of the neck and tie with a hairband. Sticky-out ear, optional

5. Create a gap above the hairband and feed the ponytail through it. 6. Carry on rolling the ponytail through the gap until you have reached the end of the hair. Then secure with multiple hair grips. Don’t worry if you have layers cut into your hair and some strands escape- this is all part of the ‘messy’ appeal! 7. Now come to the front of the hair. It’s up to you how you style it, whether backcombing and securing the fringe section to create height at the forehead, or using the parting you naturally have. I used my side parting and brought some loose strands of hair forward to frame the face before using my ancient, but trusty, ghd straighteners to create a soft curl. Secure any loose sections back into the side of your head to create your desired look.



8. If, like me, you have a long, sweeping side fringe, then create some movement through the end of the hair with a curler or straightener before either pinning the section fully or partially back, or letting it frame your face, depending on the length. This was what I wanted to do, but my hair just wasn’t playing along today (don’t we all know the feeling), so I pinned it back.


9. Mist with hairspray and marvel at your messy, romantic, chignon creation!


Let me know how you get on!

Charlotte x


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