George’s Fish & Chip Kitchen: bringing seaside charm to the city

Take whatever image you have of your local chippy and put it down, flip it and reverse it. The outcome is something resembling George’s Fish & Chip Kitchen in Nottingham.


It’s polished without being inaccessible, a little bit kitsch without being tacky, and charming without being dated. George’s easily navigates the delicate boundary between staying true to its traditional seaside-based roots and incorporating modern touches which make sure it’s an attractive venue for a broad demographic.

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Speaking of which, it was recently voted the Best New Venue at the Nottinghamshire Food and Drink Awards. High praise indeed, but does it live up to the hype?


As soon as you walk in the door (which has a fish-shaped handle, by the way) you’re greeted by an impressive chandelier, which draws the eye to the upper floor of the restaurant. This was probably my favourite part of discovering George’s, because on this upper level are beach huts in pastel shades. Yes, beach huts. Indoors. All at once it’s such an unexpected but fitting touch that it’s hard not to fall in love at first sight with George’s.

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Oh, and it’s certainly not style over substance here; aside from the beach hut novelty, both the service and the food are fantastic.

Despite the name, you don’t actually have to have fish, there are plenty of options. As much as I love seafood, the newspaper-style menu has a huge selection of alternatives, and so I decided to go for the burger instead.


The Proper Dirty Double Burger lived up to its name, and I’d definitely recommend upgrading to the sweet potato fries. It was deliciously cooked and beautifully presented, including the display of the fries in a small metal shovel (there’s probably a more attractive name for it but you get the idea!) on the plate. In other words, your inner Instagrammer/Foodie will adore this place!

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If you’re after a meal out with a difference in Nottingham, in a restaurant which is unashamedly unique, then you need look no further. Just try to get in there to have your fishy on a little dishy before it becomes even more popular.


Oh, and there’s a lantern-holding octopus. What more could you want?


You can find George’s just off the Old Market Square, on Queen Street:

Stay connected with George’s official websiteFacebook page, Twitter or Instagram.



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