#100happydays 81-90: Old Friends, Travel and Chainsaws

Moin moin my dearest Reader,

Here’s the latest update on my #100happydays challenge. The finish line is in sight!

Day 81

After a long and very rainy day, sometimes the only thing you really need is a cuppa and photos of sunnier times!


Day 82

On Wednesdays I’ve been working at the school’s other campus in St Pauli, and on this particular day I decided to have a walk from the school on Zeughausmarkt down to Speicherstadt, through a bit of HafenCity and then to the Rathaus. I’d recommend working somewhere you really love (and close to water, it’s very good for the soul!)


I can also see the Bismarck statue from the window of the classroom!



Day 83

My work is certainly never routine…on this day I even got to try out this season’s hottest accessory.


…and a little trip to the English Shop in Hamburg by Holstenstrasse. Amazing!


I also discovered some of the search terms people have used to find my blog. Makes for an eye-opening read.


Day 84

I made another elephant friend at Hagenbecks Tierpark 🙂


Day 85

Sushi. What’s not to love?


Day 86

A very productive day, and I managed to catch the tiny bit of sun when it made an appearance!


Day 87

Had my induction at my new gym on this day and I love it. (Even the lockers are cool)


Day 88

Tested out my shins (post shin splint disaster) on a walk/run-ish along part of the Alster on a very beautiful day! This was my view when I finished 🙂


Not too shabby really.

Day 89

Homeward bound.


Day 90

The Barnards headed to London for a little reunion! A friend of ours, Lukas, is on his year abroad in London and we hadn’t seen him since we left Germany in 2001. It would’ve been such a shame not to see him, and it wasn’t an opportunity we could pass up.


This led to some reminiscing…

10270272_10203076307723614_951891904_n (2) 10288093_10203076310163675_1647142172_o 10270967_10203076308483633_1710143550_o10250711_10203076313083748_1515219250_n

That’s it from me for now. See you at Day 100!

Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx


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