#100happydays 71-80: England, Planning and Blogging!

Moin moin meine Lieben!

Here’s the latest instalment of my #100happydays challenge. Not long to go now!

Day 71

I was home for a weekend for the first time since Christmas, and on the Saturday evening was a belated celebration for Hannah’s 21st. Love these girls.


Day 72

And of course, it was Mothering Sunday while I was back in the Shire! Here I am with my beautiful Mummy at The Duke of Cambridge, Tilford, Farnham. (They do butterscotch cheesecake. I still haven’t quite recovered from it.)


Day 73

Back in HH after a wonderful weekend seeing all the fam!


Day 74

It felt like spring had finally sprung here im Norden!


Day 75

Continuing the good run of weather (it wasn’t to last) I met up with Ellie and we had a catch up at the Alster Pavilion (Alex) right by the water.


Day 76

Planning! Wanderlust, you are an expensive weakness.


Around this time I also made a map of all the places I’ve been (in blue) and all the places I want to go (in red). There’s a lot of work to be done!


Day 77

This was possibly the worst day to head to Blankenese for the first time, as it was raining cats, dogs and various other animals. It’s a gorgeous little corner of Hamburg. I know now why they call a certain area the Treppenviertel (Stair/Step Quarter). Feel the burn.


Day 78

I was feeling inspired on this rainy day to try and sort my summer… #moretraveltweets


Day 79

Met up with Emily, Ellie and Michael for brunch at Schweinske in Altona. Want a cooked breakfast? Then head to one of Hamburg’s many, many Schweinskes, you won’t regret it.


Day 80

I had a fairly normal start to the day, and then I wrote and published my last blog post, ‘Why is ‘no’ not enough?’. The response was massive (viewing figures up 4,000% on the previous few weeks!), and I’m so grateful to everyone for their support and the feedback that the problems I wrote about aren’t exclusive to me or where I live- it’s always good to know!


I also did a little drawing while all the blog madness was occurring!


Unfinished, but inspired by some of the…’creations’ seen at Aintree last week.

Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx



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