#100happydays 61-70: Running, Brussels and Tea

Moin Moin ihr Lieben!

Coming to you live from the green and pleasant land that is wonderful England!

Here’s the latest update on my #100happydays challenge:

Day 61

Dragged myself out for a run in the cold with the help of my new playlist (mostly Beyoncé. Big surprise there.).


Day 62

This wasn’t an especially great day but it ended well with getting ready to jet off to Brussels to see the girls. Very happy days indeed!


Day 63

Salut de Bruxelles! We made it! #oscarsselfie


Day 64

Day out in Brussels and Bruges!


Day 65

Our last day all together in Brussels. I know I’m the floating head in this one, as per.


Day 66

I touched down back in the efficiently inefficient land that is Deutschland! #HH


Day 67

Looked into getting back into riding, a mere 15 years after last being on a horse. We’ll see…


Day 68

An unexpectedly painful run (but at least I did it), which I fear my have exposed shin splints. Oops.


Also received an email which seems perfectly legit.


…and started my day with this beautiful view over the harbour in my favourite place on earth.


Day 69

Back in the land of the world’s best supermarkets, with a cuppa made by me lovely Mum 🙂



Also very excited (it’s the little things) to scratch out the countries I’ve visited since I was last home on my beloved scratch map!

20140328-111314.jpg 20140328-111338.jpg

Day 70

And to round off this instalment, reunited with my Mean Green Driving Machine (aka Roland) ❤


(also a cuppa while watching Jeremy Kyle. What more could you want?)


Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx


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