#100happydays 51-60: A little more travel!

Moin an alle!

So, over half-way now on this challenge, here’s the latest 10 day instalment:

Day 51

On our first full day down in Bavaria, my Dad and I had a 3 hour ski lesson with an Austrian man called Helmut (couldn’t understand a word), and that afternoon the three of us (not Helmut, replace him with my brother) headed to see Schloss Neuschwanstein, which you may know for its likeness to the Disney castle.


Day 52

More skiing and some definite soreness on day 52, finishing with a drive through some of Austria and stopping for a bite to eat in Lermoos; this turned out to be the day’s most flattering photo of me!


Day 53

All a little bruised and battered, we decided to take a 24 hour break from skiing and took a little road trip down to gorgeous Innsbruck!


Very colourful place amongst the snowy mountains!


Day 54

A chilled day in Bayern with a ski in Austria in the morning. I’m the little blob in the middle!


Day 55

This was our last day of skiing, and it would’ve been rude not to represent Hamburg while down in the south! #StPauli


Day 56

My last day in Bayern included dropping my brother off at the local airport and then heading to have a clearer look at Neuschwanstein with my Dad. It’s quite surreal close up, and only a 25 minute walk up the hill. Definitely worth a visit, I think.


Day 57

On day 57 I returned to Hamburg! Happy days indeed.


Day 58

A little moment of madness possibly brought on by lack of sleep/a travelling high led me to sign up for not one, but two half marathons later on this year. Gulp. I’m hoping my attempt at training will be less injury-ridden than the last time I tried. This time around, however, I know I’ll have the lovely Louise for the Nottingham Half, and both her and the lovely Jade for the Tissington Trail. Still, gulp.



Day 59

It was only St. Patrick’s Day! Green (ish. They’re green. I blame the filter for the doubt) sparkly nails were certainly in order! This was also the first day of my training!


Day 60

And finally to round up this ten day instalment, the delight of combining Beyoncé and my iPad mini to make a cardio session much more enjoyable.


Also I have no internet connection at work, so this is what happens when you’re off the grid for a few hours: 261 whatsapp notifications. Thanks Fay (Slo), Loz, Kath (Kegz) & Saz.


See you at day 70!

Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx


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