#100happydays 41-50: Travel, travel, travel

Moin Moin ihr Lieben!

Here’s the latest 10 day instalment of my #100happydays challenge. Here we go:

Day 41

This was maybe a bit more stressful than happy! I finally finished organising everything for my mini Scandinavian adventure. Lots of Googling and print-outs later and I was done. Please note the separate folders. Never been so organised for a trip in my life!


Day 42

Definite cause to celebrate on my first day in Oslo! Gorgeous place, if incredibly rainy.


Enough said:


Day 43

This was my only full day in Oslo, spent wandering around the place and going to the Vikingskiphuset (Viking ship museum), which is definitely worth a visit. It was there that I bought these two gems!


Possibly my favourite snow globe I’ve ever bought. And I have one or two…

Day 44

Jag är i Stockholm!

On day 44 I found myself in the gorgeous Swedish capital! I fell in love with it after about 15 minutes, that’s all it took.


Also, they have a chocolate bar called Plopp. A lot tastier than the name may suggest!


Day 45

This was my full day in Stockholm and it was lovely. A boat tour and visit to the Vasamuseet were only a small part of the aspects which make me want to go back there again one day!


Day 46

On day 46 I reached destination 3/3, Helsinki, which was a freezing, beautiful and slightly odd place, but it quite a wonderful way!


Yes, I did buy a Starbucks mug from each city. Yes, I know I’m cool.

Day 47

This was my full day in the Finnish capital, and therefore my last day of my Scandinavian adventure, where one lesson stands out: always wear comfy shoes. Seriously.


Day 48

Bit of a stressful journey back from a wonderful trip (included delayed flights, running through Copenhagen airport in snow boots with 2 minutes to spare to catch a connecting flight (snow boots were not made for running in), and then my suitcase being left in Copenhagen). But the airport delivered my bag later in the evening and everything was intact! Somegreat souvenirs from my first solo adventure.


Day 49

When I’d only just settled back in in Hamburg, it was time to hit the road again! This time I would be Bayern-bound to find some snow. Seemed unlikely, but in the 10 minute drive down to Austria we managed to find some, despite the glorious weather!


Day 50

Back to my second home, Hamburg airport, for my first ever trip down to Bavaria!


So, that’s it from me for now, now I’m halfway into the challenge! See you at day 60 🙂

Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx


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