#100happydays 31-40: Writing, Glitter and Travel!

Moin Moin everyone!

What a busy few days it’s been! Here is the fourth little instalment of the #100happydays challenge I’m doing.

Days 31-40, here we go:

Day 31


Day 31 landed on a Monday, so I got my week off to a decent start with Monday morning Pilates! Again I was the youngest person there by about 40/50 years, and the depressing thing is that they’re pretty much all fitter than me. Sad times indeed.

Day 32

On this day, we carried on doing machine presentations in English with one of my classes (where, usually in pairs, they introduce me to a machine in the workshop & explain a little bit about how it works and I give them a grade). Two of them in particular told me all about the bandsaw (that’s right, I know names of stuff. Sort of.) and then did a little demo, taking a scrap piece of wood and cutting it into a heart, before giving it to me to keep.

So thank you very much to Rieke & Malte (who I also asked to sign it)! I will keep it forever 🙂


Day 33

I’ve been meaning to get this started for ages now, and here it is! I’m not far in at all, but I’ve started, and that’s the hardest bit.


Also earlier in the day I saw a cheeky little appearance from none other than Mr Gary Barlow on German morning TV. I tweeted him to let him know, but he’s yet to get back to me. I wait in hope.


Also Wednesdays are when I have a lesson over in St Pauli, and this was my view once I’d finished work and was walking back to the station. It was rainy but I’ll take this view any day!


Day 34


Before I know it I will have embarked on the first leg of my trip to Scandinavia! So on this evening I started to plan out my short time I’ll have in Oslo. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.


One of the sad points of the day (it’s all relative) was using my last Clippers Green Tea with Lemon teabag, but then…

Day 35

…I got this gorgeous parcel from my wonderful parents! Green Tea with Lemon and all! It arrived in the morning but I knew nothing would top it all day!


Day 36

This was the much awaited #catsandglitter soiree for Ellie’s 21st. We went to Sofa Bar in Sternschanze and it was indeed glittery and catlike. Here I am (please note the white cat ears) with Ed (please note the cat (fox) mask).


Day 37

You can’t go wrong with baking banana bread and drinking PG Tips on a Sunday!


Day 38

Happiness on this day was throwing some heavy weights around in the gym! Only figuratively though, don’t worry.


Also, thank you to my uncle Pete for tweeting me a video of the Cookie Monster. It was more relevant to conversation than you might think.

BhRcyqhIAAEX1Ao BhRiWoqIAAE9Nob (2)

Day 39

I met Ed to have a look for a costume for Karneval for him, and we popped to the Alster Pavilion (Alex) afterwards for some Kaffee (Tee) und Kuchen in the sun. That’s right, SUN.


Day 40

And finally today! I’ve got a huge ‘To do’ list going at the moment, especially since I’ll be in Scandinavia in about 48 hours! My main concern was to go and pick up some Norwegian Krona and Swedish Krona from a little place just behind the Hauptbahnhof. Luckily for me, Finland has the Euro, so that’s one less thing to think about!


Also, on the way home I spotted a man on the underground without shoes on…I’m all for freedom to express yourself in many ways, but I’m also for not picking up infections/diseases/Lord knows what else on your feet.


Anyway, that’s it from me for now, and I’ll see you next when I’m halfway through this challenge!

Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx


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