So Kinder, what do we know 6 months in? Plus Fashion Favourites

Moin Moin dear Reader!

I know, I know, February hasn’t quite ended yet, but I’m getting in there a little early with this post; there’ll be a pretty big surge of blog entries in the next few weeks so I’m trying to spread the attack out a little.

So, this is scary stuff. I’m six months in to my nine month placement in Hamburg, and I am terrified. Where did the time go?

It seems like only last week that I was able to go to work wearing a cardigan (and other clothes. Now it’s boots, coat, scarf etc), and it feels like just yesterday I was fighting off the first creepy advance at the launderette (how naïve I was to think that that would be an isolated incident), and for me, it could well have been only this morning that I was getting hopelessly lost on the underground system (I now feel a bit like a pro. On the U-Bahn, that is. The S-Bahn still terrifies me a little with its vast complexity).

But here we are, at the end of February, and the idea of going back to uni is drawing closer and closer. We’ve sorted our house in Lenton and I’ve even booked tickets for events in Nottingham towards the close of this year; namely Ed Sheeran in October and John Bishop in December, both at the Capital FM Arena.

It’s that time again for a bit of reflection on the things that have happened lately. So Kinder, what do we know 6 months in?

Remember back when there was a sudden surge in T-shirts with logos/slogans on them? Think ‘nerd’, ‘geek’ and so on. My personal favourite was the ‘LOL’ one (Hannah, you’ll know which one I mean). Well, either there’s a resurgence occurring in this part of the world currently, or those logoed items never left.

Either way, I’ve noticed a fair few on my travels around and about the place. One of the students at my school even has a top with a giant middle finger in all its glory on it. That one really makes you look twice at 8 o’clock in the morning. These two caught my eye though.


‘Selfie’ written on a beanie. Really? Quite a niche market, that. And also this one:


#Fail on a cap. You know they say ‘you are what you eat’? Well, your hat most certainly is whatever hash-tag it has emblazoned across it. That is all.

However, judging by some of the habits I’ve observed here, it would probably be the case that your typical Hamburger wouldn’t be too bothered about what others think of them, so they’d wear the #Fail hat anyway. What I mean by this is the extreme body-confidence I’ve noticed, specifically in the gym.

I think every time I’ve been into the gym lately there’s always been a naked woman or six in the changing room. They get undressed, just like that. Sometimes even while talking to you, which I find really awkward. Where are you supposed to look?!

Body-confidence is a great thing, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t expect to see so much of it. Sorry, no accompanying images for this point.

Speaking of the gym, I’ve also noticed that banter never ends, no matter how old you are. Banter as a term can be quite controversial, but in this sense I mean taking the mick out of each other in a good-hearted kind of way. Case in point: I was on the treadmill when an older gentleman approached the machine two away from me and stepped on it, not having noticed that the person before had left the belt running (which is really quite stupid of the previous user, but that’s another issue).

Anyway, thankfully he didn’t fall, he just stumbled and got off it, but not before four or five other men (probably in their 70s) burst out laughing at him and for the next 10 minutes or so kept making jokes and referring back to it. You’re never too old to have someone take the mick out of you.

Never being too old for things leads me quite nicely on to my final point: Birthdays. Germans love a good birthday, and who doesn’t? The congratulations for birthdays include firm handshakes from everyone in the room and even a kiss or two on the cheek. When it was my 21st back in October I got a lovely reception from some of the teachers, whose more subdued mood perked up completely when they found out it was my birthday; it was really lovely!

Before I go, I want to refer back to a previous post of mine where I talked about some things I’d picked up about Germans so far. I noted that they were fond of including little winking emoticons in messages, and that I found this a bit odd. Well, I’ve since been told by one of my students that it’s seen as odd when you include ‘xxxx’, or however many kisses, at the end of a message…apparently it’s a bit suggestive (thank you for the heads up, Lisa!). So I’m now trying to remember who I may or may not have sent an x or two to recently…I apologise if I gave you the wrong idea! It’s just a normal thing, really.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now, and I’ll be back with another one of these once we’re 7 months in and my fear of how quickly time is going is even more pronounced!

Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx

Fashion Favourites:

My favourite for this first little edition of Fashion Favourites is all about glitter. It was Ellie’s birthday this past weekend and the occasion called for everyone to bring out sequins. Everyone most certainly delivered. I fell in love with the dress I found in the Zara sale immediately, and this was the look for Ellie’s evening soiree:


Sadly the heels were for imaginative/decorative purposes only; I’ve got problems with both feet and walking in flats is painful sometimes, let alone in stilettos!

So, here are the details: the black blazer is an old Zara favourite of mine which I’ve worn more times than I can count. It’s a staple piece and is incredibly versatile.


You can see my orange River Island clutch and black satin belt from Jaeger, both of which I’ve had for almost 3 years and they’ve served me well for many a sartorially demanding occasion.

Under the dress I wore a lace camisole from Nina Von C (bought at Karstadt) just to protect at least some of my modesty!


And finally, the dress. It’s simple and the shape is negligee-inspired, and it will never look the same in one photo as it does in another; the way the sequins catch the light will always differ. It’s a real stand-out piece, and I felt really special wearing it, which I think is what counts the most!

1937871_10202703270357913_675189406_n 1922547_10202703269317887_1122333205_n

Then I added some sparkly nails, feather earrings from New Look, two rings (one vintage one with little sapphires bought for £2, and one delicate heart-shaped one from Laura Gravestock) plus my beloved Tiffany key, and I was good to go!

1898929_10202695934334517_1007520864_n 1937958_10202693624076762_1910191472_n

Here are a few photos from the night itself:

1255176_10151910670252691_644995139_n 1779172_10151910669967691_972314208_n 1947998_10151910670872691_1177541853_n 1625464_10151910670742691_2124245255_n

Many thanks to Miss Sarah Horton for letting me use her photos 🙂

I’ll be back soon with another Fashion Favourites!



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