Well kids, we’re 5 months in. What’s new?

Moin moin dear Reader,

Seeing as we’re 5 months in, I’m well and truly past the half-way stage of my assistantship now, which is both frightening and, well…no, that’s it. It’s frightening. The thought of heading back to the uni routine of essays and Hallward library headaches at the tail end of the summer is a strange one, and not something which I’m really looking forward to right now.

I’m doing all I can to cling on to my new, albeit temporary, life here in Hamburg, and so I’m going to go through a few things which I’ve picked up along the way more recently.

I’ve got a couple of trips already booked in over the coming months, and I’ve discovered my new addiction during the process: Pinterest. I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while now, but only over the last few weeks have I really fallen in love with it. The idea is that you create different virtual boards under various topics and then pin pictures onto it. The wedding section of Pinterest is arguably the most popular (and for good reason- never before would I have considered displaying the individual tables on a seating plan in ornate vintage frames. Thank you Pinterest), but I’ve probably spent the most time trawling through photos of beautiful locations far away to pin to my ‘Places I Want To Go!’ board. Over 100 pins and it’s bound to carry on increasing. Hello Pinterest, goodbye talking to real people.

Speaking of avoiding human contact, I’ve also picked up that I shouldn’t be trusted with things while I’m ill. During my full week off work I managed to smash a glass down the side of the radiator and chip two mugs and one dish. I also managed to give a totally wrong email address when I booked some flights to Brussels (half Nottingham email, half private email. Oops) which then resulted in a panicked call to a centre somewhere in Bangladesh at 10pm. But the cherry on top of the sniffling cake was when I had some porridge in a saucepan on the hob and, just after I added the milk, I turned around to do something else before swivelling back, only to catch the handle of the saucepan and flip the porridge oats and lukewarm milk over most of the kitchen floor and on myself a little, too. Not my finest moment.

The following could also perhaps be classed as not being a ‘fine’ moment, so to speak, or maybe more accurately not a stylish one. I’ve decided that Velcro rollers should be a staple part of every lady’s (and the discerning gentleman with longer locks perhaps) hair kit. A few minutes of looking a bit like Mrs Brown (of BBC 1 fame) for a few hours, or days even, of tumbling curls is worth it.

Whereas sitting with your rollers in is an easy experience, I’ve recently developed a mild form of rage with regards to how relatively difficult it is to buy stamps around here. In England they’re practically throwing them at you from every direction. But here, oh no, dear Reader. Here you have to work for the stamp, woo it, if you will. You have to prove your desire for the stamp before it will reveal itself to you in some obscure kiosk in a dodgy and badly-lit part of town.
Further to that: WHERE ARE ALL THE POST BOXES? Sorry for the outburst, but come on now. I have no intention of playing hide and seek with a big yellow box. Nope.

It’s just occurred to me that a great place to play hide and seek would be in an art gallery. And with that smooth segue I continue on to my next thing which I’ve learnt: if you happen to have creaky toes, feet, knees, elbows or shoulders, do go to an art gallery and walk around; it really freaks the stony-faced stewards out. If, like me, you have all of the above when it comes to creakiness, then you’ll have a quietly hilarious, yet somewhat awkward, time at a gallery, as I did when I went to the Kunsthalle to see some of the work by Monet and Caspar David Friedrich, among many others.

The topic of hilarity leads me to my final point of what I now know 5 months in: if you’ve never watched the series Modern Family, then I’d strongly recommend it. Watch out for the character Phil, he’s probably the best, although I’m still undecided!

Anyway, that’s it from me for now, but I hope you’re all keeping warm and well and that the second month of this new year is good to you!

Mach’s gut!

Charlotte xxx


2 thoughts on “Well kids, we’re 5 months in. What’s new?

  1. I don’t know what kind of city you’re living in but there were post offices all over the place in Stuggi. Like there were three in the S-bahn station near me! But I guess it’s much easier when you have a postal service in your office building…

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