#100happydays Days 1-10: Being ill, snow, food and being ill some more.

Moin moin meine Lieben!

I hope you’re all well! Last time I checked in with you I was a little under the weather, and sadly things haven’t really improved. But before I got ill I decided to take part in the ‘100 happy days’ challenge, which is basically, as you would imagine, finding one thing per day which makes you happy, and then uploading a photo to do with it onto some kind of social media platform, attaching the hashtag #100happydays.

So, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll already have seen these, but I thought I’d update my blog every 10 days so you can see what I’ve been up to!

Since I’ve been ill I’ve had to get a little more creative with these because I only left my flat four times last week (we had temperatures of ‘-10, feels like -19’ last week so I was quite glad!), but I promise once I’m better that these things will become a little more interesting- I hope!

Here we go:

Day 1: I faced my fears and went ice skating with some of the girls at the outdoor rink at Planten un Blomen. It was absolutely terrifying and I spent most of the time on the ice thinking I was about to knock my teeth out and therefore trying to compose an apology to my parents for paying for my braces when I was younger. One day maybe I’ll try it again!


If it were lighter you’d see the fear in my eyes.

Day 2: I went to see The Wolf of Wall Street! I thought it was brilliant, and I am more in love with Leo than ever. Definitely worth a watch, even though it’s quite long. Viewers of a nervous or easily-embarrassed disposition, stay well clear.


Day 3: This was the start of the tamer #100happydays uploads because this was when my cold started. I’m also currently doing the 30 day sugar challenge (which involves no artificial sugar for 30 days- I’m basically having no sweets/chocolates until 13th February). So the logical thing to do since my blog is called The Brezel Diaries, was to buy a pretzel!


I truly am a wild child.

Day 4: This was the first day that I called in sick, so I found some happiness in a decent cup of tea and some warm bread rolls. It’s the simple things.


Day 5: I bought some sushi from down the road to use for this day’s photo, but I got my sketchbook out and decided I was happier with what I drew! I used to sketch/draw these all the time so it was good to get back to it.


Day 6: Again on the drawing front, I took a little inspiration from prints done by an artist called Andrea Laliberte and did my own ‘Hamburg’ version. It’s nowhere near as good, but I enjoyed doing it! I also did another specifically fashion one.

BerdtjmIgAAPLGX Besw0bYCMAAec6d

Day 7: it was absolutely freezing but I had to pop out to buy some food and found day 7’s happy thing: stepping on crunchy snow.


Thank you to my parents for the snow boots!

Day 8: this was getting over myself and wearing my glasses in public. Well, to the supermarket round the corner. Might not seem like much but I’ve always hated wearing them and have been a contact lens devotee due to my worsening eyesight for a few years now.


Day 9: thought I was getting better but I was wrong, so I had to find happiness in wearing my favourite robin pyjama bottoms. I’ve since discovered that my future housemate Kath has the same pair, so we’re headed for a very stylish time in 4th year.


Day 10: Last but not least for this post was my outing to get more milk a few hours ago. I certainly don’t live in the prettiest corner of this beautiful city, but the snow makes it so much lovelier.


So, that’s it for now and hopefully I’ll be back with another one of these updates in 10 days! In the mean time, wrap up warm and take care of yourselves!

Mach’s gut,

Charlotte xxx

ps- I forgot to say that I also discovered this beautiful picture in the last 10 days. Two of my favourite men. Perfection.



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